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Friend Finder remains one of the top online dating sites, likely in large part due to its large member count and fun features. With more than 2 million active members, this fun and flirty online personals site is a great way to find the new friend, date or relationship you want. There are a lot of dating sites online today, but Friend Finder is still at the top of its game without question.

After reviewing Friend Finder, it is easy to see why the site is so popular. Millions of members have chosen Friend Finder as their choice in online dating. It really does offer more options than other online dating sites, especially if you are looking for fun, interactive features. These are quite a hit with online daters. Whether you are interested in its Mature Friend Finder, Italian Friend Finder or one of its other Friend Finder communities, there is plenty to keep you intrigued and interested in this social and online dating network.

Friend Finder – What makes it unique?

When you log into an online dating site, you expect to see hundreds of profiles for local singles in your area. That is more of the standard for online dating sites, as opposed to anything unique. One thing you will find at Friend Finder that is different, though, is that it is not just a catalog of photos and profiles. You will find other single men and women really looking to connect with others who share like interests, desires and lifestyles.

In fact, Friend Finder offers the largest variety of communities of men and women, some of which include:
Korean Friend Finder
Japanese Friend Finder
Jewish Friend Finder
Filipino Friend Finder
Japan Friend Finder
Russian Friend Finder
Indian Friend Finder
Married-and-Looking Friend Finder
Swedish Friend Finder
Mature Friend Finder
Italian Friend Finder
Senior Friend Finder
Brazilian Friend Finder

Friend Finder is also unique in that it provides its members with more than just online dating. Members also enjoy free e-cards, photo ratings, daily horoscopes and its interactive magazines written just for Friend Finder members. Friend Finder is not just for online dating—it is an online community. With its community mindset, the site even went so far to start its own online social networking site called Friend Network.
Friend Finder – How is it similar to other online dating sites?

Friend Finder offers the usual online dating features, such as creating a profile, searching for singles and communicating online via email or instant messaging, as well as video chatting which can be great fun. You can join Friend Finder as a free member or through a paid subscription. As is customary for online dating sites, free members do not have access to all of the same features as its paying members. At Friend Finder, its free members are able to create a profile and browse other profiles; however, you may not have access to their full profiles and full-size photos. Only paying members are able to communicate, but this is quite common for online dating.

Friend Finder’s monthly subscription program runs similar to other online dating sites in that the cost is lower the longer the subscription. However, after reviewing the prices, Friend Finder’s monthly cost is quite a bit lower than competitive sites ranging anywhere from around $8 per month (12 month subscription), $13-15 per month (3 month subscription) and $22-34 for single month, varying by location.

Friend Finder – Your Call

As you see, Friend Finder offers more than just online dating. It offers a community experience, and at a great low cost. Ultimately, what online dating site you choose is your call. But, it is safe to say that Friend Finder really is a great value considering all of the great features and extras its members enjoy!