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Dinner with friends: $20. A night out for live music and drinks: $40 (or more!). online dating: Priceless. Do you really think this is true? Online dating websites definitely come with a price tag, with some popular sites costing as much as $60 per month. If you stop to think about it though, there is some truth to the questionable cost of offline dating vs. online dating. 6 Month Guarantee
Not counting sleep, there are over 480 hours available in one month’s time to meet someone. With the scenario above, you have spent $60 on two evenings of “getting out there,” as they tell you to do in hopes of meeting that special someone. Still wanting to explore this concept more, though, let’s take a look at subscription cost to see if it is worth the money and time.

First, proudly announces on its site’s home page that 1 out of every 5 relationships starts online. This is in line with other research. Taking this at face value, the idea of online dating just scored a few points. Online dating really has become a great place to meet other single men and women, and is unarguably one of the most popular sites around—if not the most popular. If you are yet to try, I’m guessing one reason is its cost. 6 Month Guarantee
Compared to other like sites, is actually one of the lowest priced online dating programs. It wouldn’t have so quickly and successfully climbed to the top in its field had it not proved that the subscription cost is worth it. It does have 20 million members spanning across 25 countries. A bonus to the site is its free trial where you can enjoy all of the premium features an entire week before signing up for anything. After this 7-day trial period, you can take advantage of a full membership choosing from one of the subscription fee plans available. subscription fee plans range from $16.99 to $34.99 per month varying based upon the length of service needed and inclusion of its guarantee program. Yes, you heard it correctly. backs up its matchmaking system with a guarantee. If you do not find the “love of your life” during a 6 month period, the subscription cost will be free to you for the next 6 months. As if the rates were not low enough already, you can also find specials to take an additional 20% off the subscription fee for whatever plan you select. does not delete your account, though, if you decide not to sign up for a subscription plan. In fact, you are able to continue browsing profiles for one that interests you (or just out of curiosity, I suppose!). This is a great feature about Match, especially for those wanting to take a break from dating yet not recreate their profile later.

For the more serious daters, the subscription cost and membership plans are the way to go. is one of the top-rated online dating sites and, as you see, the most economical route. It is easy to see how has changed the dating scene forever. 6 Month Guarantee

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