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You would be amazed by some of the Dating headlines singles use on the site. Some are so funny (or shocking) that you can’t help but remember them. Whether or not this technique transfers well off the field into the realm of online dating is still out for the jury. – 60,000 New Singles Join Daily!
Dating headlines are really about first impressions which are very important in dating whether offline or online. dating headlines are a huge part of the first impression stage. First, some of you may be somewhat new to the online dating scene so let’s first discuss what a headline is exactly. dating headlines are, essentially, the caption to your profile. It serves as part of the introduction to who you are. It is like the introduction to your introduction, so to speak. dating headlines can either encourage someone to read the rest of your profile, or keep them movin’ along to the next one.

With that in mind, it is interesting that a lot of online daters do not appear to spend a lot of time for their dating headlines. After signing up to enjoy all of’s great services, the least you could do is give it your best shot and use every avenue available to ensure success. If your headline just says “lonely” or “Hello,” perhaps you should pay extra attention to these suggestions on creating effective dating headlines. Here are a few thoughts to consider when choosing your profile headline, along with some observations of what makes a headline stand out.

You are Special

Some of the best headlines are those that show what is special about that person. If you are known for a beautiful smile, go with that. If you have a great sense of humor, include that. If you are endearingly patient, by all means make that part of your headline. It is the special qualities that make you “you” that will help set you apart from the other millions of members. Pretend you are standing in a room full of singles. Good dating headlines draw attention to would catch someone’s eye in a room full of people, or make them want to get to know you better? – 60,000 New Singles Join Daily!
Stay Positive

Do not—I repeat—do not focus on how lonely you are, or how many times you have been hurt in the past. Many dating headlines fall into this category. It is not the time or the place. Even the most captivating smile will succumb to an introduction full of negativity. Stay true to yourself at all times, but be sure to put your positive foot forward.

Be You

Speaking of staying true to yourself, make sure you are being honest. You will, at some point, we all have to live up to our carefully crafted dating headlines. If your headline says “Seeking My Soul Mate” but you later talk about you how don’t really believe in soul mates and aren’t even sure you want a serious relationship, something just doesn’t set right. Your potential match may run out of confusion.

When in Doubt Go With Funny

If you are still stumped, humor is always a good default. In fact, some of the best dating headlines catch someone’s attention because they are funny. Humor and laughing is a terrific way to “break the ice” and get a conversation started. It’s not often that you find someone who doesn’t like to laugh, so that’s at least one thing you will have in common right from the start. Use that to your advantage! – 60,000 New Singles Join Daily!

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