Is a Scam?

is a scam

No! is not a scam. There is good reason behind its success as one of the fastest growing online companies. But, this is not to say there hasn’t been a fair share of internet and media buzz asking “Is a Scam?” and alleging that it is. Because of this, there is no harm in looking into it more to answer this question. Let’s set the record straight, starting with a little background. 6 Month Guarantee is an online dating company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It is a real company employing well over 300 people. It is a service-based company selling its online matchmaking services to men and women looking to meet like-minded singles. Founded in 1993, this publicly-held company takes pride in its reputation as a pioneer to the online dating industry. It has been endorsed by well-known professionals, such as Dr. Phil, and even partnered with the NBA at one point.

To ask if is a scam is not baseless, though, due to the heightened amount of concern over internet scamming. But, the company is certainly not a scam as it offers legitimate services to real people in hopes of helping them find love. Despite its efforts, it has been subject to question after questions along the lines of Is a Scam?

However, is vulnerable to users abusing its services just as any online dating website offering some form of service. I would say any online dating site is, though. Whether online or offline, we must remember that there are dishonest people out there. Be cautious and smart when purchasing any service or product, especially when online. Be smart and safe, two principles seems to encourage on its site. It is possible to be taken advantage of online despite any company’s efforts to avoid it. 6 Month Guarantee
There is only so much can do to prevent users from abusing its services. Personally visiting every one of its millions of members to verify identity really is not an option, not if you want to be able to afford its service. It just isn’t possible, but the company does its best not unlike other reputable online dating websites. Members running across questionable matches, or having any problem with the site are always able to call its customer service and speak with someone.

Is a scam, or isn’t it—the question of the day. It really isn’t. This successful online dating site still remains one of the most successful ways to meet single women and women. It has enabled many great relationships and even marriages. Embracing a certain amount of caveat emptor attitude and being a smart consumer should result in a whole lot more good than risk when using

Of course, wants to limit internet scamming just like everyone else and, especially, if its services are the tool being used. If you suspect a problem, report it. It’s that simple. is constantly seeking to improve its services and stay at the top of its game in online matchmaking. The more its members succeed in finding love, the more it succeeds as a company. Internet scamming doesn’t affect just the consumer. It affects everyone. So, once and for all—Is a Scam? Absolutely not! 6 Month Guarantee

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