Single Parents Mingle

single parent mingle

Anywhere from 15% to over 30% of parents are single, the percentage varying by region. It has reported that there are over 12 million single parents in the United States alone. Those are huge figures—and realistic. To learn that Single Parents Mingle is quite a successful niche online dating site should come as no surprise then.
Online dating, in particular Single Parents Mingle, is one of the most common ways single parents are meeting other single parents with shared interests. This trend is showing no signs of slowing either. Single Parents Mingle has already helped many single parents enjoy everything online dating has to offer, allowing them to meet new people and prevent a dull, lifeless dating life.

Whether you are just returning to the dating scene, want to expand your social circle or are ready for a more serious relationship, Single Parents Mingle is worth checking out. You can “mingle” with other singles who really can relate and with whom you know you have at least one thing in common—you are all single parents. What a great place to share experiences and find common interests, all while rediscovering the joys of single parenting and everything that makes you special.
Single Parents Mingle offers free membership, quick and easy 5-step profile setup and an opportunity to share more about your experiences (if desired). Of course, Single Parents Mingle allows you to communicate with other members. The user-friendly site makes getting started easy and quick. In a short time, you can be on your way to enjoying the Single Parents Mingle message boards, chat rooms, public discussion forums, and anonymous messaging, among many other great features. You are able to block/hide profiles should you desire, and even receive notifications to your mobile phone that you have mail. Its compatibility matching is also a terrific feature of the site, with many members finding that connecting with other singles is much easier with this helping hand.

Single Parents Mingle is free to get started. As usual with online dating, there is also a paid membership allowing access to all of these great features. There is a free trial program available to help single parents who are interested in joining but still need more time to decide. The monthly subscription programs start at $19.99 per month for U.S. members, along with more economical plans of 3 months at $39.99 and 6 months at $59.99. These rates are fairly customary for online dating, especially higher quality and niche sites as this one.

Single Parents Mingle continues to lead the way for single parents to connect in a safe, nurturing environment. Since 2002, Single Parents Mingle has helped thousands of single parents change their life forever and create relationships from friendship, romantic relationships and even marriage. Its social networking feel enhances the community aspect of Single Parents Mingle adding to the fun members enjoy while nurturing relationships formed through the site. Single Parents Mingle removes the challenge of getting out, allowing single parents to meet people and have fun anytime.