Is a Scam?

is a scam

No! is not a scam. There is good reason behind its success as one of the fastest growing online companies. But, this is not to say there hasn’t been a fair share of internet and media buzz asking “Is a Scam?” and alleging that it is. Because of this, there is no harm in looking into it more to answer this question. Let’s set the record straight, starting with a little background. 6 Month Guarantee is an online dating company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It is a real company employing well over 300 people. It is a service-based company selling its online matchmaking services to men and women looking to meet like-minded singles. Founded in 1993, this publicly-held company takes pride in its reputation as a pioneer to the online dating industry. It has been endorsed by well-known professionals, such as Dr. Phil, and even partnered with the NBA at one point.

To ask if is a scam is not baseless, though, due to the heightened amount of concern over internet scamming. But, the company is certainly not a scam as it offers legitimate services to real people in hopes of helping them find love. Despite its efforts, it has been subject to question after questions along the lines of Is a Scam?

However, is vulnerable to users abusing its services just as any online dating website offering some form of service. I would say any online dating site is, though. Whether online or offline, we must remember that there are dishonest people out there. Be cautious and smart when purchasing any service or product, especially when online. Be smart and safe, two principles seems to encourage on its site. It is possible to be taken advantage of online despite any company’s efforts to avoid it. 6 Month Guarantee
There is only so much can do to prevent users from abusing its services. Personally visiting every one of its millions of members to verify identity really is not an option, not if you want to be able to afford its service. It just isn’t possible, but the company does its best not unlike other reputable online dating websites. Members running across questionable matches, or having any problem with the site are always able to call its customer service and speak with someone.

Is a scam, or isn’t it—the question of the day. It really isn’t. This successful online dating site still remains one of the most successful ways to meet single women and women. It has enabled many great relationships and even marriages. Embracing a certain amount of caveat emptor attitude and being a smart consumer should result in a whole lot more good than risk when using

Of course, wants to limit internet scamming just like everyone else and, especially, if its services are the tool being used. If you suspect a problem, report it. It’s that simple. is constantly seeking to improve its services and stay at the top of its game in online matchmaking. The more its members succeed in finding love, the more it succeeds as a company. Internet scamming doesn’t affect just the consumer. It affects everyone. So, once and for all—Is a Scam? Absolutely not! 6 Month Guarantee Dating Headlines dating headlines

You would be amazed by some of the Dating headlines singles use on the site. Some are so funny (or shocking) that you can’t help but remember them. Whether or not this technique transfers well off the field into the realm of online dating is still out for the jury. – 60,000 New Singles Join Daily!
Dating headlines are really about first impressions which are very important in dating whether offline or online. dating headlines are a huge part of the first impression stage. First, some of you may be somewhat new to the online dating scene so let’s first discuss what a headline is exactly. dating headlines are, essentially, the caption to your profile. It serves as part of the introduction to who you are. It is like the introduction to your introduction, so to speak. dating headlines can either encourage someone to read the rest of your profile, or keep them movin’ along to the next one.

With that in mind, it is interesting that a lot of online daters do not appear to spend a lot of time for their dating headlines. After signing up to enjoy all of’s great services, the least you could do is give it your best shot and use every avenue available to ensure success. If your headline just says “lonely” or “Hello,” perhaps you should pay extra attention to these suggestions on creating effective dating headlines. Here are a few thoughts to consider when choosing your profile headline, along with some observations of what makes a headline stand out.

You are Special

Some of the best headlines are those that show what is special about that person. If you are known for a beautiful smile, go with that. If you have a great sense of humor, include that. If you are endearingly patient, by all means make that part of your headline. It is the special qualities that make you “you” that will help set you apart from the other millions of members. Pretend you are standing in a room full of singles. Good dating headlines draw attention to would catch someone’s eye in a room full of people, or make them want to get to know you better? – 60,000 New Singles Join Daily!
Stay Positive

Do not—I repeat—do not focus on how lonely you are, or how many times you have been hurt in the past. Many dating headlines fall into this category. It is not the time or the place. Even the most captivating smile will succumb to an introduction full of negativity. Stay true to yourself at all times, but be sure to put your positive foot forward.

Be You

Speaking of staying true to yourself, make sure you are being honest. You will, at some point, we all have to live up to our carefully crafted dating headlines. If your headline says “Seeking My Soul Mate” but you later talk about you how don’t really believe in soul mates and aren’t even sure you want a serious relationship, something just doesn’t set right. Your potential match may run out of confusion.

When in Doubt Go With Funny

If you are still stumped, humor is always a good default. In fact, some of the best dating headlines catch someone’s attention because they are funny. Humor and laughing is a terrific way to “break the ice” and get a conversation started. It’s not often that you find someone who doesn’t like to laugh, so that’s at least one thing you will have in common right from the start. Use that to your advantage! – 60,000 New Singles Join Daily! Subscription Cost subscription cost

Dinner with friends: $20. A night out for live music and drinks: $40 (or more!). online dating: Priceless. Do you really think this is true? Online dating websites definitely come with a price tag, with some popular sites costing as much as $60 per month. If you stop to think about it though, there is some truth to the questionable cost of offline dating vs. online dating. 6 Month Guarantee
Not counting sleep, there are over 480 hours available in one month’s time to meet someone. With the scenario above, you have spent $60 on two evenings of “getting out there,” as they tell you to do in hopes of meeting that special someone. Still wanting to explore this concept more, though, let’s take a look at subscription cost to see if it is worth the money and time.

First, proudly announces on its site’s home page that 1 out of every 5 relationships starts online. This is in line with other research. Taking this at face value, the idea of online dating just scored a few points. Online dating really has become a great place to meet other single men and women, and is unarguably one of the most popular sites around—if not the most popular. If you are yet to try, I’m guessing one reason is its cost. 6 Month Guarantee
Compared to other like sites, is actually one of the lowest priced online dating programs. It wouldn’t have so quickly and successfully climbed to the top in its field had it not proved that the subscription cost is worth it. It does have 20 million members spanning across 25 countries. A bonus to the site is its free trial where you can enjoy all of the premium features an entire week before signing up for anything. After this 7-day trial period, you can take advantage of a full membership choosing from one of the subscription fee plans available. subscription fee plans range from $16.99 to $34.99 per month varying based upon the length of service needed and inclusion of its guarantee program. Yes, you heard it correctly. backs up its matchmaking system with a guarantee. If you do not find the “love of your life” during a 6 month period, the subscription cost will be free to you for the next 6 months. As if the rates were not low enough already, you can also find specials to take an additional 20% off the subscription fee for whatever plan you select. does not delete your account, though, if you decide not to sign up for a subscription plan. In fact, you are able to continue browsing profiles for one that interests you (or just out of curiosity, I suppose!). This is a great feature about Match, especially for those wanting to take a break from dating yet not recreate their profile later.

For the more serious daters, the subscription cost and membership plans are the way to go. is one of the top-rated online dating sites and, as you see, the most economical route. It is easy to see how has changed the dating scene forever. 6 Month Guarantee Discount Membership discount membership

Did you know that 1 out of every 5 relationships today start online? Online dating has taken dating by storm, particularly which has become a household name. When you think “online dating,” is probably at the top of your list. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, this popular online dating company is now the go-to source for online dating in 25 countries, and it is for good reason.
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Some online matchmaking sites promote compatibility whereas others focus on chemistry. has not shied away from these important aspects of successful relationships. However, is the site that has really grasped hold of the match part of matchmaking—20 million members later, its track record speaks for itself.

Taking a look at its website, you will see that builds on its concept of matches, matches and more matches. seems to continually think of ways to make its dating services more accessible to everyone. already charges some of the lowest rates out of reputable online dating sites. After a 7-day free trial period, you have the option to become a fully paid member taking advantage of one of its membership plans including the Discount Membership plans.
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Membership plans range from $16.99 to $34.99 per month depending on the length of service selected. These rates definitely reasonable and quite a bit lower than other sites such as eHarmony, for example. The Discount Membership promotion is two-fold. First, the monthly cost is lower for longer subscriptions like its 6-month plan. If you can afford the lump-sum payment in the beginning, the 6-month plan is by far the best value. It dramatically lowers the cost to nearly 50%, saving bundles in the long-run.

The Discount Membership options do not stop there, though. You can also take advantage of its regularly advertised special of 20% off, dropping the monthly cost even lower. Compared to like online dating sites, the final cost using the Discount Membership is the best value for your money even if you opt for its shorter subscriptions. Still, if you are able to, I would highly recommend going with the 6 month plan. Besides the savings, you will have plenty of time to find the best match and not feel rushed.

After signing up, does not make you wait which is great because most are excited to begin the journey. Members can get started immediately by searching and browsing the many profiles awaiting your interest.’s success has also allowed it to set itself apart by offering 6 months free if you do not meet that special someone during a 6 month period of time. This is another great bonus to using’s service. tries to make the entire process simple yet thorough. To assist members through the matchmaking process, some of the tools available include on-site email messaging, instant messaging, block/ignore a member, online flirting tools and personality testing. It also offers useful dating advice, safety tips, multiple searching options and compatibility testing. And, for the more curious members, you can even use its “Who Has Viewed Me” feature to check out behind the scenes interest in your profile. This is a popular feature, actually!

Those taking advantage of the Discount Membership plans have full access to every one of these features, along with many others. If you are looking for more for your money, is perhaps the best option. Think about how much you are spending on offline activities in hopes of meeting someone. It can add up quickly. A night out on the town can sometimes cost as much as an entire month subscription to, maybe two months. Thousands of relationships have been formed through with many more to come. Especially with the Discount Membership, I would say it is worth every penny.
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