JDate Review: Jewish Singles Finding Love

jdate review

Where do you go to meet other Jewish singles? Maybe you have asked this question a time or two. If so, you will be glad to learn that JDate.com is the leading online dating site for Jewish singles. With JDate, you can stop browsing hundreds of profiles for local singles where you may find that only a small percentage of singles in your area are Jewish.
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Faith-based online dating services can be quite similar to other online dating sites, as you will find with JDate. The only real difference is that JDate is a niche online dating site primarily catering to Jewish singles. It promotes Jewish tradition and practices as it pertains to dating, faith and worshipping, community and family. JDate is specifically for members who are Jewish and/or want to meet a partner who is Jewish.

JDate Review – Overview

Thanks to JDate, men and women looking for Jewish singles have an online dating site just for them. Since 1997, JDate has been one of the most highly reputed online Jewish personals community helping thousands of couples enjoy long-term relationships and even marriage. It has over 600,000 active members across the world with approximately half in the United States. JDate also maintains a fairly equal proportion of men and women, something not always found in online dating sites.

JDate Review – Uniqueness

As discussed, JDate focuses specifically on Jewish singles or those wanting to date a Jewish man or woman. That right there distinguishes it from the majority of online dating sites, such as eHarmony, Match.com and Chemistry.com, among others. It is not to speak poorly of these other sites, just to point out that JDate is a more specialized website. JDate understands that some men and women place religious faith as top criteria when choosing their partner.
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JDate Review – Features

It is not required that you subscribe to a paid membership to begin exploring the JDate website. You can register, create a profile and begin searching for free. As a free member, other singles are welcome to email you but only those with a paid subscription are able to initiate contact. JDate is certainly not the only online dating site with this restriction. In fact, it is quite common.

Those with a paid subscription have access to the many other great JDate features, including its fantastic Click feature. With Click, members express interest in each other anonymously—which it remains unless the interest is mutual. This is great way for members to connect, especially those on the shyer side. Other great features include the Jewish Holiday Calendar, Synagogue Directory, online Jewish Magazine, JDate Videos and even a blog. Of course, there is email and instant messaging, videos, message boards, flirting tools and e-card greetings. JDate really does try to maintain a sense of community to support the support and strengthen the Jewish traditions through the JDate experience.

JDate Review – Cost

JDate offers a standard and premium service. Similar to other online dating sites, you the cost varies based on the subscription length. The standard subscription ranges from $24.99 to $39.99 per month depending on whether you choose its single month, three month or six month plans. The standard plan provides you email communication, instant messaging, text chatting, video chatting and access to discussion forms.

The premium membership plan is an upgrade from the standard plan with its cost ranging from $30.99 to $46.99 per month, again varying by the subscription length (1, 3 or 6 months). http://blinddatingnow.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=132&action=editIn addition to the standard services above, the premium plan also highlights your profile and provides top results in searches.
JDate Review – Final Thought

If you are serious about finding love in the Jewish community, JDate is a great place to start. Its cost is comparable to any other online dating site, while providing opportunities for Jewish singles that may be more difficult to find either offline or online. Based upon past trend, JDate is surely to continue growing within the Jewish community and online dating.
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Does JDate Work?

does jdate work

JDate has established itself well within the Jewish community as well as online dating in general. With so many online dating services being promoted today, asking “does JDate work” is certainly a reasonable question to ask. The answer really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a Jewish partner, then the answer is yes. JDate can work for you. If you are not specifically looking for a Jewish partner, or are not Jewish yourself, then it may or may not.
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What you must understand about JDate is that it is a niche, faith-based online dating website specifically serving those who consider themselves part of the Jewish religion and faith, or those desiring a Jewish partner. The website very clearly promotes the Jewish tradition, faith and community in all aspects. The website may have many features similar to other online dating sites, but it sets itself apart in that it is for Jewish single men and women looking for like-minded, like-faith partners. This is why it has become so successful as a niche online dating service.

Does JDate Work?

JDate is one of the leading faith-based online dating services and perhaps the leader for Jewish singles. It has over 1 million members, 600,000 of which are reported to be active members. JDate has been successful connecting Jewish men and women since 1997 and maintains a 50/50 male to female ratio. JDate has helped thousands of members find love, long-term relationships and marriage. It reaches across the globe, though around half of its active members are reported to be in the United States alone.
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How Does JDate Work?

JDate works by providing the opportunity for Jewish singles to connect and meet online. It’s that simple, and not unlike other online dating sites in that regard. JDate members can create a profile, search other members, and communicate via email, instant messenger and even video chat. JDate offers a basic free program, along with two types of paid monthly subscriptions (standard and premium). The difference in the free and paid subscriptions if primarily the ability to communicate via email, as only paying members can initiate communication. JDate Click is also a great feature allowing members to express interest in other singles but remain anonymous unless that person mutually expresses interest. Just another way JDate tries to help members connect.

Besides these expected features, JDate sets itself apart most by the site’s embrace of the Jewish faith, traditions and community. It provides advice and guidance for Jewish singles through its Jewish Magazine, blog and many online articles. It also organizes and offers local events for Jewish singles to meet in a unique atmosphere, along with events to give back to the community, a huge part of the Jewish tradition. Customer care is available 24 hours per day to answer questions and provide support through the JDate process.

Thousands of members have found love, relationships and marriage through JDate. JDate will undoubtedly continue to grow and establish itself within the online dating industry and, definitely, within the Jewish community where it has already helped thousands of Jewish couples connect—many leading to serious relationships and even marriage.
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